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Over 250 pages long, the Student Activity Guide is a hands-on workbook for students to expand and reinforce student learning from Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 1.


Each chapter of Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 1 has a corresponding chapter in the Student Activity Guide. Each chapter in the Activity Guide includes: 

  • Vocabulary matching from the chapter to help students master new words and keep different people and events straight. 

  • Comprehension Questions and Discussion Questions to check for understanding from the chapter. 

  • Timeline Instructions to help students construct their own timeline of events. 

  • Mapwork to reinforce geographic knowledge from the chapter. 

  • A coloring page, which can be useful for keeping hands busy while listening to the chapter. 

  • Crossword puzzles to review concepts from the chapter. 

  • Any consumable pages for hands-on activities recommended in the Instructor’s Guide such as lab sheets, game pieces, art templates, etc. 

Every few chapters we also include review activities including a quiz show review game and topic review cards.


Note: The answer key for the comprehension questions, mapwork, activity pages, and review questions is included in the Instructor's Activity Guide


This product is a print-on-demand book. Please allow 5-10 days for printing in addition to standard shipping time. 

Softcover Student's Guide: Modern History Vol. 1


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