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Snapshots of Medieval History Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Justinian Builds a Golden Age and Gets the Plague (Byzantine Empire)

Chapter 2: Clovis Becomes Catholic (Franks)

Chapter 3: The Sui Rise and Fall (China, Sui Dynasty)

Chapter 4: Axum Controls Trade (Axum/Ethiopia)

Chapter 5: Muhammad Declares Allah’s Word (Islam)

Chapter 6: The Caliphs Expand North, South, East, and West (Islam)

Chapter 7: The Pope Crowns an Emperor (Charlemagne/Holy Roman Empire)

Chapter 8: Black Powder Booms in China (China, Tang Dynasty)

Chapter 9: An Empress Rules China (China, Tang Dynasty)

Chapter 10: The Vikings Raid, Trade, and Settle (Vikings)

Chapter 11: The Rus’ Rise in the East (Russia)

Chapter 12: Wisdom Blooms in Baghdad (Islam)

Chapter 13: Murasaki Writes a Novel (Japan)

Chapter 14: Queen Seondeok Creates a Golden Age (Korea)

Chapter 15: Christianity Splits East and West (Europe/Great Schism)

Chapter 16: Ghana Trades Gold for Salt (Ghana)

Chapter 17: England Gets Invaded for the Last Time (England/William the Conqueror)

Chapter 18: Ethiopia Carves a Church Out of a Mountain (Ethiopia)

Chapter 19: The Christians Go Crusading (Crusades)

Chapter 20: The Khmer Build a Giant Temple (Khmer/Cambodia)

Chapter 21: The Haudenosaunee Make a Confederacy (Haudenosaunee)

Chapter 22: Four Inventions That Shape the World (China, Song Dynasty)

Chapter 23: Genghis Conquers (Almost) Everyone (Mongols/Genghis Khan)

Chapter 24: A Mamluk Becomes Sultan (India/Delhi Sultanate)

Chapter 25: Cities Thrive in North America (Ancestral Puebloans & Mississippians)

Chapter 26: Mansa Musa’s Gold Dazzles the World (Mali)

Chapter 27: East Africa Builds Wonders (Great Zimbabwe and Kilwa)

Chapter 28: Death Sweeps Through Europe (Plague/Hundred Years War)

Chapter 29: Tea, Ships, and Palaces: China Rises Again (China, Ming Dynasty)

Chapter 30: Sulieman Builds on Rome’s Ruins (Ottoman Empire)

Chapter 31: Europe is Reborn (Renaissance)

Chapter 32: The Aztecs Build a Floating City (Aztecs)

Chapter 33: Pachacuti Turns Cusco Into An Empire (Inca)

Chapter 34: Europe Goes and Finds the Rest of the World (Age of Discovery)

Chapter 35: Spain Claims the New World (Colonization)

Chapter 36: Europe is Ripped in Half (Again) (Reformation)

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