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Snapshots of Ancient History

Snapshots of Ancient History is an elementary level history text told as a dialogue between two kids, Ted and Mona. It's a fun, new approach to history, sure to engage your child. The book contains 36 chapters focusing on Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome, plus a few more stops in other parts of the world like Mesoamerica and the Pacific Islands.

Take a Look Inside

We offer samples of our books so you can know what you're buying. Click below to see inside Snapshots of Ancient History or listen to the audiobook. 

Chapter 1: History Is Cool - Ted and Mona
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Snapshots of Ancient History is available as a PDF, softcover, hardcover, and audiobook. We let you pick the format so you can choose what works best for you.

We also offer PDF and softcover activity guides, a digital-only timeline kit, and digital-only lapbook/interactive notebook materials. 

We also offer bundles so you can save money and simplify your shopping. 

Not sure which option to buy? Check out our buyer's guide. 

Complete Preview

Want to test it out before you buy? Download our sample that includes all of the materials for the first three chapters!

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