Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What age is Curiosity Chronicles intended for?

Curiosity Chronicles is aimed at elementary aged children; however the books can be used as a spring board for deeper study by older students, especially if those students have not formally studied history before. The target grade range for each book is as follows: Snapshots of Ancient History is aimed at 1st to 3rd grade students. Snapshots of Medieval History is aimed at 2nd to 5th grade students. Snapshots of Early Modern History is aimed at 3rd to 6th grade students.

Can I share my PDF of Curiosity Chronicles with my friends?

All Curiosity Chronicles files are copyrighted. We ask that you respect our copyright and not share electronic or physical copies of the books with others. Respecting our copyright helps support the author in writing future books.

When will the next book be released?

Our next release will be Snapshots of Modern History: Volume 1. No release date has been announced.

Is Curiosity Chronicles really secular?

Yes! Curiosity Chronicles discusses religion because it's an important part of history, but it doesn't preach it or show preference for one religion.

Shipping, Downloads, and Technical Support

How long does shipping take?

Our books are currently printed through a print-on-demand company. The printing process typically takes a week, thought it can take longer. Standard shipping is USPS Media Mail which takes an additional 1-2 weeks. Altogether it takes roughly 2-3 weeks for your books to arrive.

Do you offer interational shipping?

Yes! Our print-on-demand partner has locations around the world, so not only can we ship internationally, but we don't have to charge international shipping to do so! We currently offer shipping to Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. If you live outside those areas and would like to purchase a print product, please email us at so we can check on the shipping rates and availability in your country.

How long are download links available?

Instant download links are avaliable for 30 days. If at any time after that point you need to redownload your product, simply email with your order number for a new link.

I can't open my download. What should I do?

All our instant downloads are .zip files because they contain multiple files. If you are on a moblie device or tablet you may experience trouble opening these files. If you have access to a desktop, you should be able to open the files there. On a desktop, double click on the .zip file or right click and select "unzip". If you do not have access to a desktop, please email for an alternative download option.

What devices can play the auidobook?

The auidobook files are .mp3 files. These files should be playable by any music device or can be burned onto a CD.

Future Releases

If I buy Snapshots of Early Modern History Vol 2 now, can I get the expansion materials at the bundle price later?

Yes. If you buy Snapshots of Early Modern History before the expansion materials (audiobook, activity guides, and lapbooks) are released, you will recieve coupon code to buy those items at a discount later.

When will the Early Modern audiobook, activity guides, and lapbooks be released?

We are in the process of creating the expansion materials for Snapshots of Early Modern History Vol. 2. The lapbooks and timeline have been released. We plan to release the other materials in 2021.

When will Snapshots of Modern History be released?

We are in the process of writing Snapshots of Modern History. Just like Early Modern History, our Modern History level will be split into two volumes. We do not have a release date for the next volume yet, but hope to release the first volume in 2021/2022.

Why is Snapshots of Early Modern History split into two volumes?

Snapshots of Early Modern History will cover history from 1550 to 1845. A lot happens in that timeframe! In order to properly cover the events of histroy and maintain a global perspective, we needed more than just 36 chapters. We've decided to double the number of chapters on early modern history to allow space to cover the many exciting events in history. Since the expected page count for all 72 chapters is approximately 600 pages, we've chosen to split Early Modern history into two volumes to make the books more managable and to allow us to publish material at a faster pace. The chapters in Snapshots of Early Modern History will be arranged in pairs of related topics to help facilitate completing two chapters per week, allowing both volumes to be completed in a typical 36-week school year.

What are your plans for future books?

Currently we are focused on writing Snapshots of Modern History. Altogether, Snapshots of Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern History will create a complete four year history cycle. After we've completed the Snapshots series, we have plans to move onto more advanced middle/high school level materials. We hope to cover even more history, dicuss more mature topics, and incorporate more primary sources into our higher level books. Details on the topics, scopes, and publication timeline of these materials will be announced at a future date.

Will you offer a bundle price for Early Modern Volumes 1 and 2?

Yes! If you buy both volumes of Snapshots of Early Modern History we will offer you a bundle price. Since the complete Volume 2 materials are not yet avaliable, all Early Modern products are currently discounted to make sure early buyers don't miss out on savings. Be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates.