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Curiosity Chronicles is a secular homeschool history curriculum. Our two main characters, Ted and Mona, take students on a tour through history beginning in ancient times. Curiosity Chronicles takes a global perspective and includes the history of people all over the world. We cover cultural, artistic, and scientific history in addition to political history. Our books are told in a dialogue format as Ted and Mona discuss history back-and-forth, ask questions, tell stories, and look for answers. 


We are currently working on publishing our Snapshots series which is aimed at elementary-aged children. Our Ancient and Medieval levels are now available and we are working on the expansion material for our Early Modern level and are writing our Modern level. Our Snapshots series will eventually include four parts: Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern. 


Curiosity Chronicles is written by Rachel Meyers. Rachel has a master’s degree in Comparative Studies, an interdisciplinary humanities degree, with an emphasis in Classics. She is also a homeschool mom to four children. Curiosity Chronicles began as a labor of love to educate her own children but grew as she saw the need for a secular history curriculum within the homeschooling community.

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