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Snapshots of Ancient History Table of Contents

Chapter 1: History Is Cool

Chapter 2: Humans Start Hunting and Gathering

Chapter 3: Mesopotamia Starts Farming

Chapter 4: Egypt Gets United

Chapter 5: Sumer Starts Inventing

Chapter 6: The Indus Valley Builds Cities

Chapter 7: Caral Plays Music (NEW in 2nd Edition!)

Chapter 8: Egypt Prepares for the Afterlife

Chapter 9: Egypt Builds Pyramids

Chapter 10: Britain Builds Megaliths

Chapter 11: Yu Fights the River

Chapter 12: Austronesia Sets Sails

Chapter 13: Aboriginals Fish in Australia (NEW in 2nd Edition!)

Chapter 14: Babylon Makes Laws

Chapter 15: Hatshepsut Builds Wonders

Chapter 16: King Tut Leaves a Mystery 

Chapter 17: India Writes the Vedas

Chapter 18: The Zhou Makes a Mandate

Chapter 19: Assyria Makes War

Chapter 20: West Africans Forge Iron (NEW in 2nd Edition!)

Chapter 21: The Nok Make Pottery (NEW in 2nd Edition!)

Chapter 22: The Greeks Sing of Heroes

Chapter 23: The Olmec Play Ball

Chapter 24: Persia Builds an Empire

Chapter 25: Buddha Becomes Enlightened

Chapter 26: China Debates Ideas

Chapter 27: The Greeks Fight Persia

Chapter 28: Athens Invents Democracy

Chapter 29: The Greeks Get Inventing

Chapter 30: Alexander Goes Conquering

Chapter 31: Ashoka Has a Change of Heart

Chapter 32: Rome Starts with Blood

Chapter 33: China Is United

Chapter 34: The Han Build an Empire

Chapter 35: Caesar Takes Over

Chapter 36: Augustus Rules the Empire

Chapter 37: Rome Becomes Christian

Chapter 38: India Starts an Empire

Chapter 39: The Hopewell Build Mounds (NEW in 2nd Edition!)

Chapter 40: The Nazca Draw Lines (NEW in 2nd Edition!)

Chapter 41: The Maya Chart the Sky

Chapter 42: Rome Falls Apart

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