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Snapshots of Medieval History

We're excited to continue our exploration of history with Ted and Mona in the Medieval World. Just like Snapshots of Ancient History, Ted and Mona travel all over the globe during Medieval History visiting places like Imperial China, the Holy Roman Empire, the Aztec Empire, the Islamic Empire, Heian Japan, the Ghana Empire, the French and English Monarchies, the Byzantine Empire, and more. 

Now Available: Second Edition

A second edition of Snapshots of Medieval History was released on January 22, 2024. This edition will change the cut-size of the book from 7x10" to 8.5x11" to match our later books. This edition will include a new interior design and minor content changes to reflect the new chapters added to Ancient History. 

Take a Look Inside

We offer samples of our books so you can know what you're buying. Click below to see inside Snapshots of Medieval History or listen to the audiobook. 

Introdution - Ted and Mona
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Complete Preview

Want to test it out before you buy? Download our sample that includes all of the materials for the first three chapters!

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