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This Activity Guide bundle includes everything you need to expand Snapshots of Ancient History into a complete and engaging year of history! 


This bundle includes the following physical items: 

Softcover The Instructor's Activity Guide for Snapshots of Ancient History. Each chapter in Snapshots of Ancient History has a correlating chapter in the Instructor’s Activity Guide. Each of these chapters includes:

  • Definitions, Questions, Mapwork, and Timeline instructions that correspond to the Student Activity Guides. These materials include all the answers and reference materials you need to make using the Student Activity Guide a breeze.
  • Reading Suggestions. If you want to extend or deepen each chapter’s topic, we provide a list of recommended supplemental reading. Suggestions are divided based on book type, so if you’re looking for a picture book biography, folklore or mythological stories, nonfiction books, or chapter books, you can easily find the type of book that will work best for you.
  • Cross References. We recommend several general reference books such as the Kingfisher Encyclopedia of World History. Each chapter includes relevant cross-reference pages for those books so you don’t have to hunt them down yourself.
  • Hands-On Activities. Our hands-on activities turn history into more than a pile of books. These activities are varied to appeal to as many individuals as possible. Activities include craft activities, science experiments, STEM challenges, imaginative prompts, recipes, traditional and original games, and more. 
  • Minecraft Building Prompt. These building prompts describe historic locations and encourage your child to build their own version in Minecraft. Minecraft can be played on phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. You do not need an internet connection or to use online multiplayer mode to do our building prompts. Most prompts can also be completed with LEGOs or other building materials.
  • At the end of the Instructor’s Activity Guide, there are several ideas for review games and a complete answer key for the Student Activity Guide


Softcover Student's Guide to Ancient History. Over 200 pages long, the Student's Guide is a hands-on workbook for students to expand and reinforce student learning from Snapshots of Ancient History. Each chapter of Snapshots of Ancient History has a corresponding chapter in the Student Activity Guide. Each chapter includes:

  • Vocabulary matching from the chapter to help students master new words and keep different people and events straight.
  • Comprehension Questions and Discussion Questions to check for understanding from the chapter.
  • Timeline Instructions to help students construct their own timeline of events.
  • Mapwork to reinforce geographic knowledge from the chapter.
  • A coloring page, which can be useful for keeping little hands busy while listening to the chapter.
  • Activity pages such as word searches and crossword puzzles to review concepts from the chapter.
  • Any consumable pages for hands-on activities recommended in the Instructor’s Guide such as lab sheets, game pieces, art templates, etc.
  • Every few chapters we also include short review activities including origami fortune teller reviews and timeline sorts.


The bundle also includes the following digital items: 

  • Ted's Timeline Kit: Ancient History: Get all of the pieces you'll need to create your own timeline to keep track of history. The timeline includes both wall and notebook options so you can create the size and style that works best for you. 


Note: This bundle does not include the main text for Snapshots of Ancient History. If you are looking for the complete print bundle, it can be found here: Print Curriculum Package: Ancient History.

Activity Guide Print Bundle: Ancient History 2nd Edition

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