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This professionally voiced audiobook of Snapshots of Ancient History brings the characters of Mona and Ted to life making it easy for students to study independently or while on the go.


Snapshots of Ancient History is an introductory level history text told as a dialogue between two kids, Ted and Mona. This non-traditional textbook will take students on a world tour of history and teach them how to start thinking like a historian. As Ted and Mona discuss history with each other, they model critical thinking, question-asking, and reveal the nuances of history. Students will learn about important events in history, how archeologists decipher the past, and many of the impressive accomplishments of humans around the world from pre-history to 550 C.E.


Snapshots of Ancient History contains 42 chapters focusing on Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, the Americas, China, Greece, and Rome, plus a few more stops in places like West Africa, Britain, Australia, and Polynesia.


Are you ready to discover Ancient History?

Snapshots of Ancient History Audiobook 2nd Edition

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