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Snapshots of Early Modern History

Just like with ancient and medieval history, Ted and Mona will tour the world in early modern history visiting places like colonial America, the British Empire, Qing China, the Japanese Warring States Period, the Jamaican Maroons, the French Revolution, the scientific and industrial revolutions, the Kongo Empire, and so much more!

2 Volumes

Snapshots of Early Modern History will cover 1550 to 1850. That's a BIG era of history! It will take a BIG book to cover it all. The estimated page count for Snapshots of Early Modern History is 600 pages. As such, we've decided to split Snapshots of Early Modern History into two volumes. This will make the book size more manageable and allow us to get content out to you faster.

Each volume will include 36 chapters organized into 18 sections. The chapters in each section will be on related topics, so you can easily study two chapters a week.

Culture Corner

In addition, Arthur and Lily will take on a more prominent role, appearing in "Arthur and Lily's Culture Corner" at the end of every few chapters to highlight an important artist, writer, scientist, musician or art style. We're excited about the extra depth they'll be bringing to our books!

Release Schedule

Snapshots of Early Modern History: Volume 1,  the audiobook, and lapbooking materials are here! We're currently working on completing the Activity Guides and Snapshots of Early Modern History: Volume 2.  If you buy Volume 1 now, you'll receive the first twelve chapters of the Activity Guides as an early buyer bonus! The completed Activity Guides will be released in Late Fall 2019. Volume 2 will be released in 2020. The exact release date will be announced later.