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Several Open Books


Curiosity Chronicles is still growing. We're working on bringing more curriculum soon. 


Snapshots of Ancient History and Snapshots of Medieval History have been released. 

Our next book will be Snapshots of Early Modern History, which will cover history from 1550 to 1845. For more details on this book visit our Early Modern History page. 


The elementary Snapshots series will ultimately include four levels: Snapshots of Ancient History, Snapshots of Medieval History, Snapshots of Early Modern History, and Snapshots of Modern History. 

Altogether, these books will create a complete four-year year history cycle. 

After we've completed the Snapshots series, we have plans to move onto more advanced middle and high school level materials. We hope to cover even more history, dicuss more mature topics, and incorporate more primary sources into our higher level books. Details on the topics, scopes, and publication timeline of these materials will be announced at a future date. 

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