Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 1
Table of Contents

Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 1 is still being written. We do not yet have an expected release date. This is a working table of contents. More culture corners will be added and the content and order of chapters may change. 

Section 1: The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

Chapter 1: The British Empire

Culture Corner: Charles Darwin

Chapter 2: The British in India

Section 2: Colonial Ups and Downs

Chapter 3: Self Rule in Australia and New Zealand

Chapter 4: Thailand

Section 3: Remaking America

Chapter 5: The Civil War

Chapter 6: Reconstruction

Culture Coner: Mark Twain

Section 4: Latin America

Chapter 7: Latin American Conflicts

Chapter 8: End of Slavery in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Brazil

Section 5: Changes in Asia

Chapter 9: The Meiji Restoration

Culture Corner: Hokusai

Chapter 10: Qing China

Section 6: Unification 

Chapter 11: Unification of Italy

Chapter 12: Unification of Germany

Section 7: Colonialism in Africa

Chapter 13: The Scramble for Africa, pt. 1

Chapter 14: The Scramble for Africa, pt. 2

Section 8: The Face of America—Old and New

Chapter 15: Native American Genocide

Chapter 16: Mass Immigration to America

Culture Corner: Statue of Liberty

Section 9: Capitalism on the Rise

Chapter 17: Robber Barons

Chapter 54: The Rise of the Department Store/Consumerism

Culture Corner: Baking Soda

Section 10: Carry a Big Stick

Chapter 19: Yukon Gold Rush and Canada's Westward Expansion

Culture Corner: Polar Exploration

Chapter 20: Spanish American War and Teddy Roosevelt

Section 11: Modernism Has Arrived

Chapter 21: Further Industrialization 

Chapter 58: Artistic Movements

Culture Corner: Titanic

Section 12: Tumult Around the World

Chapter 23: Boxer Rebellion and the Chinese Revolution 

Chapter 24: The Balkan Wars and Armenian Genocide

Section 13: The War That Started It All 

Chapter 25: WWI

Chapter 26: Russian Revolution 

Section 14: A World Torn Apart

Chapter 26: WWI

Chapter 27: The 1918 Flu Pandemic

Section 15: National Identities Form

Chapter 29: Irish Revolution 

Culture Corner: Yeats and Joyce

Chapter 30: Militarization of Japan

Section 16: A Changing World

Chapter 31: Women's Suffrage

Culture Corner: Penicillin 

Chapter 32: The Roaring 20s

Culture Corner: Flight

Section 17: A Struggling World

Chapter 33: The Great Depression 

Culture Corner: The Golden Age of Hollywood

Chapter The Spanish Civil War

Section 18: Fascism on the Rise

Chapter 35: Mussolini

Chapter 36: The Rise of Hitler