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Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 1
Table of Contents

Section 1: The Mechanics of Empire

Culture Corner: John Stuart Mill

Chapter 1: Albert Builds the Crystal Palace 

Culture Corner: Computing

Chapter 2: Napoleon III Invades Crimea

Section 2: The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

Chapter 3: Darwin Classifies Finches

Culture Corner: Louis Pasteur

Chapter 4: The Queen Takes Over India

Section 3: British Citizens Abroad

Chapter 5: New Zealand and Australia Achieve Self-Rule

Culture Corner: Modern Sports

Chapter 6: Carnarvon Plans Confederations in Canada and South Africa

Section 4: European Nationalism  

Chapter 7: The Risorgimento Sweeps Italy 

Culture Corner: The Geneva Convention

Chapter 8: The Kaiser Is Crowned

Section 5: The Future of the Union

Chapter 9: Slavery Divides the Union

Chapter 10: The Confederacy Tries to Secede

Culture Corner: Elizabeth Keckley 

Section 6: Battle for Latin American Wealth

Chapter 11: Napoleon Invades Mexico

Culture Corner: Mexican Painting 

Chapter 12: Spain Tries to Steal Peru's Guano


Section 7: The Legacy of Slavery

Chapter 13: Reconstruction Fails

Culture Corner: Scott Joplin

Chapter 14: Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Brazil End Slavery

Culture Corner: José Martí


Section 8: The Reservation System

Chapter 15: Forced Marches to Bosque Redondo

Culture Corner: Edmonia Lewis

Chapter 16: Poundmaker Sues for Peace 

Section 9: Modernization in East Asia

Chapter 17: Emperor Meiji Modernizes Japan

Culture Corner: Manga

Chapter 18: China Tries to Self-Strengthen

Section 10: Colonization in Southeast Asia

Chapter 19: Napoleon Also Invades Vietnam

Chapter 20: Chulalongkorn Protects Siam's Independence

Section 11: Colonization in Africa

Chapter 21: Europe Scrambles for Africa

Chapter 22: Europe Commits Atrocities in Africa 

Culture Corner: Alfred Nobel

Section 12: Displacement and Migration

Chapter 23: Herzl Dreams of Zion

Culture Corner: Sigmund Freud 

Chapter 24: Immigrants Come to the Americas 

Ted's Pizza Extravaganza

Culture Corner: Statue of Liberty

Section 13: Inventions

Chapter 25: Bright Ideas Light the World

Culture Corner: The Eiffel Tower

Chapter 26: Invention Takes Flight 

Culture Corner: Radioactivity 

Section 14: Modern Art

Chapter 27: Artists Break the Rules

Culture Corner: Sarah Bernhardt

Chapter 28: Art Knows No Rules

Culture Corner: Oscar Wilde

Section 15: Consumerism

Chapter 29: The Bon Marché Opens Its Doors

Culture Corner: Nellie Bly

Chapter 30: Advertisers Sell Desire

Culture Corner: The Bicycle

Section 16: Women's Rights

Chapter 31: Women Advocate for Their Rights

Culture Corner: A Doll's House

Chapter 32: Suffragettes Demand Their Rights

Culture Corner: Ida B. Wells

Section 17: Carry a Big Stick

Chapter 33: Kalakaua Signs the Bayonet Constitution

Chapter 34: Teddy Builds A Canal

Culture Corner: The Teddy Bear

Culture Corner: Muckraking

Section 18: The End of An Era

Chapter 35: China Tries to Become a Republic

Culture Corner: Polar Exploration

Chapter 36: Workers Strike for an Eight-Hour Day

Culture Corner: The Olympics

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