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Snapshots of Modern History Table of Contents

Eiffel Tower Paris


The Mechanics of Empire

          Culture Corner: John Stuart Mill

Chapter 1: Albert Builds the Crystal Palace

          Culture Corner: Computing

Chapter 2: Napoleon III Invades Crimea


The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

Chapter 3: Darwin Classifies Finches

          Culture Corner: Louis Pasteur

Chapter 4: The Queen Takes Over India


British Citizens Abroad

Chapter 5: New Zealand and Australia Achieve Self-Rule

          Culture Corner: Modern Sports

Chapter 6: Carnarvon Plans Confederations in Canada and South Africa


European Nationalism

Chapter 7: The Risorgimento Sweeps Italy

          Culture Corner: The Geneve Convention

Chapter 8: The Kaiser is Crowned


The Future of the Union

Chapter 9: Slavery Divides the Union

Chapter 10: The Confederacy Tries to Secede

          Culture Corner: Elizabeth Keckley


Battles for Latin American Wealth

Chapter 11: Napoleon Invades Mexico

          Culture Corner: Mexican Painting

Chapter 12: Spain Tries to Steal Peru's Guano


The Legacy of Slavery

Chapter 13: Reconstruction Fails

          Culture Corner: Scott Joplin

Chapter 14: Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Brazil End Slavery

          Culture Corner: José Martí


The Reservation System 

Chapter 15: Forced Marches to Bosque Redondo

          Culture Corner: Edmonia Lewis

Chapter 16: Poundmaker Sues for Peace


Modernization in East Asia

Chapter 17: Emperor Meiji Modernizes Japan

          Culture Corner: Manga

Chapter 18: China Tries to Self-Strengthen


Colonization in Southeast Asia

Chapter 19: Napoleon Also Invades Vietnam

Chapter 20: Chulalongkorn Protects Siam's Independence


Colonization in Africa

Chapter 21: Europe Scrambles for Africa

Chapter 22: Europe Commits Atrocities in Africa

          Culture Corner: Alfred Nobel


Displacement and Migration

Chapter 23: Herzl Dreams of Zion

          Culture Corner: Sigmund Freud

Chapter 24: Immigrants Come to the Americas

          Ted's Pizza Extravaganza

          Culture Corner: Statue of Liberty



Chapter 25: Bright Ideas Light the World

          Culture Corner: The Eiffel Tower

Chapter 26: Invention Takes Flight

          Culture Corner: Radioactivity


Modern Art

Chapter 27: Artists Break the Rules

          Culture Corner: Sarah Bernhardt

Chapter 28: Art Knows No Rules

          Culture Corner: Oscar Wilde



Chapter 29: The Bon Marché Opens Its Doors

          Culture Corner: Nellie Bly

Chapter 30: Advertisers Sell Desire

          Culture Corner: The Bicycle


Women's Rights

Chapter 31: Women Advocate for Their Rights

          Culture Corner: A Doll's House

Chapter 32: Suffragettes Demand Their Rights

          Culture Corner: Ida B. Wells


Carry a Big Stick

Chapter 33: Kalakaua Signs the Bayonet Constitution

Chapter 34: Teddy Builds a Canal

          Culture Corner: The Teddy Bear

          Culture Corner: Muckraking


The End of an Era

Chapter 35: China Tries to Become a Republic

          Culture Corner: Polar Exploration

Chapter 36: Workers Strike for an Eight-Hour Day

          Culture Corner: The Olympics

Snapshots of Modern History  Vol. 1 Table of Contents



The War to End All Wars

Chapter 37: Franz Ferdinand Is Asassinated

Chapter 38: France Holds the Line at Verdun

          Culture Corner: Entertainment for the Troops


A War on Many Fronts

Chapter 39: Nicholas Takes Command

          Culture Corner: Albert Einstein 

Chapter 40: Talaat Engineers Ethnic Purity

          Culture Corner: Peace Activists


The People Rise Up

Chapter 41: Pancho Villa Rides for Land Reform

          Culture Corner: Mariachi

Chapter 42: Lenin Raises the Red Flag

          Culture Corner: Konstantin Stanislavski


The War Continues

Chapter 43: The Allies Make Secret Deals in the Middle East

Chapter 44: America Enters the War

          Culture Corner: War Poetry


A New Age Dawns

Chapter 45: The Flu Ravages the World

Chapter 46: The Allies Dictate the Terms of Peace

          Culture Corner: War Memorials


Changes After the War

Chapter 47: The People Claim Their Rights

Chapter 48: Ireland Achieves Independence

          Culture Corner: Irish Writers


The Middle East Remade

Chapter 49: Old Empires Become Modern Nations

Chapter 50: Churchill Maneuvers to Fulfill Britain's Promises


Modern Culture

Chapter 51: Jazz Rocks the United States

Chapter 52: Surrealists Question Reality


Pillars of Power

Chapter 53: The Soviet Union Attempts Collectivization

Chapter 54: Italy Invents Fascism



Chapter 55: Latin America

Chapter 56: South East Asia


New Paths in Asia

Chapter 57: Indian Independence Movement

Chapter 58: Chinese Civil War


Latin American Revolutions Continue 

Chapter 59: "Independence of Death" in Brazil

Chapter 60: The Cry of Dolores Rings Out in Mexico


The Great Depression

Chapter 61: Great Depression 1

Chapter 62: Great Depression 2


War Looms

Chapter 63: Rise of Hitler

Chapter 64: Militarization of Japan



Chapter 65: TBA

Chapter 66: TBA



Chapter 67: TBA

Chapter 68: TBA



Chapter 69: TBA

Chapter 70: TBA



Chapter 71: TBA

Chapter 72: TBA

Snapshots of Early Modern History Vol. 2 Table of Contents

Snapshots of Early Modern History Vol. 3

Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 3 is still being drafted, so a full table of contents is not yet available.

This volume will cover, but is not limited to, the following topics: post-war cultural reforms, the Chinese Communist Revolution, the Cold War, the creation of the state of Israel, the independence of India, Juan and Eva Perón, the communist revolution of Cuba, the Korean War, decolonization of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, residential schools in the United States and Canada, the eugenics program in Australia, the space race, the Six Day War, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Civil Rights Movement, the Women's Rights Movement, the Labor Movement, the Queer Liberation Movement, Pol Pot, the Vietnam War, the Iranian Revolution, Saddam Hussein, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, the AIDS crisis, the dissolution of the USSR, the Balkan Wars, the European Union, the Irish Troubles, the Japanese technology boom, the creation of the internet and dot com bubble, the Rwanda Genocide, the Second Congo War, Nelson Mandela, Hugo Chávez, 9/11 and the war on terror, and dozens of cultural milestones. 

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