Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 1
Table of Contents

Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 1 is still being written. We do not yet have an expected release date. This is a working table of contents. More culture corners will be added and the content and order of chapters may change. 

Section 1: Rule Britannia

Chapter 1: Albert Builds the Crystal Palace While Darwin Theorizes 

Culture Corner: Computing

Chapter 2: Modern Warfare Begins 

Culture Corner: Modern Sports

Section 2: The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

Chapter 3: The Queen Takes Over India

Culture Corner: Louis Pasteur

Chapter 4: Self Rule in the Colonies

Section 3: The American Civil War

Chapter 5: The Confederacy Tries to Secede

Chapter 6: Reconstruction Fails

Culture Corner: Scott Joplin 

Section 4: Tumult in Latin America

Chapter 7: The Battle for Latin American Wealth 

Chapter 8: Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Brazil End Slavery 

Section 5: Modernization in East Asia

Chapter 9: Japan Enters the Modern World

Culture Corner: Manga

Chapter 10: China Tries to Self-Strengthen

Section 6: European Nationalism  

Chapter 11: The Risorgimento Sweeps Italy 

Chapter 12: The Kaiser Is Crowned

Section 7: Colonialism in Africa

Chapter 13: Europe Scrambles for Africa

Chapter 14: Europe Commits Atrocities in Africa 

Section 8: Hatred in the Modern World

Chapter 15: Native Americans Are Forced Onto Reservations 

Chapter 16: Herzl Dreams of Zion

Section 9: The World Reimagined

Chapter 17: Immigrants Come to the Americas 

Culture Corner: Statue of Liberty

Chapter 18: Inventors Remake the World 

Culture Corner: Radioactivity 

Section 10: Carry a Big Stick

Chapter 19: Filipinos Seek Independence 

Culture Corner: Polar Exploration

Chapter 20: Teddy Busts the Trusts 

Section 11: Modernism Has Arrived

Chapter 21: The Department Store Entices the Middle Class 

Culture Corner: Oscar Wilde

Chapter 22: Artists Break All the Rules

Section 12: Tumult Around the World

Chapter 23: China Tries to Become a Republic  

Chapter 24: Empires Fight for the Balkans 

Section 13: The War That Started It All 

Chapter 25: The Great War Begins 

Chapter 26: Communism Comes to Russia 

Section 14: A World Torn Apart

Chapter 27: The Treaty of Paris Places Blame

Chapter 28: The Irish Struggle for Freedom 

Culture Corner: Yeats and Joyce

Section 15: Japanese Imperialism 

Chapter 29: Civil War Descends on China 

Chapter 30: Japan Aspires for Empire

Section 16: The Roaring 20s

Chapter 31: Women March for Their Rights 

Culture Corner: Penicillin 

Chapter 32: Jazz Changes Music

Section 17: A Struggling World

Chapter 33: The Great Depression Ravages the World 

Culture Corner: The Golden Age of Hollywood

Chapter 34: Gandhi Disobeys for Justice

Section 18: Fascism on the Rise

Chapter 35: Mussolini Takes Over Italy

Chapter 36: The Rise of Hitler