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Snapshots of Early Modern History Vol. 2
Table of Conents

This is our work in progress table of contents. Many of the chapters have not yet been named and the order may change. We also have not added any of the Culture Corners yet, but they're coming!

Section 19: Enlightened Absolutism

Chapter 37: Catherine Seizes Power

Chapter 38: Catherine Expands Russia

Section 20: Life in the Pacific

Chapter 39: Captain Cook Searches for Fabled Lands

Chapter 40: King Kamehameha Unites Hawaii

Section 21: The American Revolution

Chapter 41: America Fights for Freedom

Chapter 42: America Writes the Constitution

Section 22: Ripple Effects of the Revolution

Chapter 43: The United States Fights the Western Confederacy

Chapter 44: Canada Remains Loyal to Great Britain

Section 23: The Land Down Under

Chapter 45: Colonialism Reaches Australia

Chapter 46: The Maori Trade for Guns

Section 24: Trouble in France

Chapter 47: Lavish Living in France

Chapter 48: Heads Roll in France

Section 25: Freedom from Slavery

Chapter 49: Haiti Wins Its Freedom 

Chapter 50: Abolitionists Fight Slavery

Section 26: The United States Expands

Chapter 51: America Debates Its Identity

Chapter 52: Sacagajawea Leads the Way

Section 27: Europe Begins to Modernize

Chapter 53: The Industrial Revolution Gets Rolling

Chapter 54: Romanticism Dethrones the Enlightenment

Section 28: Emperor Napoleon

Chapter 55: Napoleon part 1

Chapter 56: Napoleon part 2

Section 29: Changes in the Americas

Chapter 57: Simon Bolivar part 1

Chapter 58: Simon Bolivar part 2

Section 30: Freedom in the Americas

Chapter 59: Mexican Independence 

Chapter 60: Brazilian Independence 

Section 31: Resistance in Africa

Chapter 61: Zulu Kingdom and Xhosa Wars

Chapter 62: Fulani Empire/Sokoto Caliphate

Section 32: America Pushes West

Chapter 63: Alaska Natives and the Russian American Company 

Chapter 64: Trail of Tears

Section 33: Victorian England

Chapter 65: Queen Victoria part 1

Chapter 66: Queen Victoria part 2

Section 34: British Imperialism

Chapter 67: The Irish Potato Famine

Chapter 68: The Opium Wars

Section 35: Creating America's Identity

Chapter 69: Social Movements

Chapter 70: Westward Expansion

Section 36: The March to a New World

Chapter 71: The Revolutions of '48

Chapter 72: The Mexican-American War and the California Gold Rush