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Snapshots of Early Modern History Vol. 2
Table of Contents

Section 19: Enlightened Absolutism

Culture Corner: The Enlightenment

Chapter 37: Catherine Seizes Power

Chapter 38: Catherine Expands Russia

Section 20: Life in the Pacific

Chapter 39: Captain Cook Searches for Fabled Lands

Chapter 40: King Kamehameha Unites Hawaii

Culture Corner: He'e Nalu

Section 21: The American Revolution

Chapter 41: America Marches to Revolution

Culture Corner: Adam Smith

Chapter 42: The United States Writes the Constitution

Culture Coner: Phillis Wheatley

Section 22: Ripple Effects of the Revolution

Chapter 43: The United States Fights the Western Confederacy

Chapter 44: Canada Remains Loyal to Great Britain

Section 23: The Land Down Under

Chapter 45: Aboriginals and Convicts Australia

Chapter 46: Hongi Hika Trades for Guns

Culture Corner: The Haka and the Poi

Section 24: Trouble in France

Chapter 47: Lavish Living in France

Culture Corner: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Chapter 48: Heads Roll in France

Culture Corner: Jacques-Louis David

Section 25: Freedom from Slavery

Chapter 49: Haiti Wins Its Freedom 

Culture Corner: Tignons

Chapter 50: Abolitionists Fight Slavery

Section 26: The United States Expands

Chapter 51: America Debates Its Identity

Chapter 52: Sacagawea Leads the Way

Section 27: Europe Begins to Modernize

Chapter 53: The Industrial Revolution Gets Rolling

Culture Corner: Mary Wollstonecraft

Chapter 54: The Romantics Strive for Meaning

Culture Corner: The Haskalah

Section 28: Emperor Napoleon

Chapter 55: Napoleon Crowns Himself

Culture Corner: Josephine and French Fashion

Chapter 56: Napoleon Abdicates—Twice

Culture Corner: Marie Antoine Carême

Section 29: The Bolivarian Revolutions

Chapter 57: A Tale of Two Generals

Chapter 58: Bolivar and San Martin Liberate South America

Culture Corner: The Cusco School

Section 30: Latin American Revolutions Continue

Chapter 59: "Independence or Death" in Brazil 

Chapter 60: The Cry of Dolores Rings Out in Mexico ​

Section 31: Empires of Africa

Chapter 61: Shaka Forges the Zulu

Chapter 62: Usman Starts a Caliphate

Culture Corner: African Masks

Section 32: Natives in North America

Chapter 63: Russia Hunts Furs in Alaska

Culture Corner: Totem Poles 

Chapter 64: Jackson Paves the Trail of Tears​

Culture Corner: Sequoya

Section 33: Victorian Britain

Chapter 65: Victoria Takes the Throne

Culture Corner: Photography

Chapter 66: The Rise of the Middle Class

Culture Corner: Charles Dickens

Section 34: British Imperialism

Chapter 67: The Victorians Play the Great Game

Culture Corner: Fairy Tales

Chapter 68: The British Smuggle Opium Into China

Section 35: Pain and Relief from the Industrial Revolution

Chapter 69: Potatoes Rot in Ireland

Chapter 70: Protesting for Social Good

Culture Corner: Edgar Allen Poe

Section 36: The March to a New World

Chapter 71: The United States Stretches from Sea to Shining Sea

Culture Corner: The Telegraph

Chapter 72: The Revolutions of '48 Tear Across Europe

Culture Corner: Karl Marx

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