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Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 2
Table of Contents

Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 2 & 3 are still being written. We do not yet have an expected release date. This is a working table of contents. More culture corners will be added and the content and order of chapters may change. 

Section 1: The World Torn Apart

Chapter 1: Franz Ferdinand Is Assassinated

Culture Corner: The Weapons of War

Chapter 2: Total War Wages

Culture Corner: Gertrude Bell

Section 2: The Great War Continues

Chapter 3: Communism Comes to Russia

Culture Corner: Life on the Homefront

Chapter 4: The Flu and the Americans Join the War

Culture Corner: War Poetry

Section 3: A New World Begins

Chapter 5: The Allies Dictate the Peace Terms

Culture Corner: War Memorials

Chapter 6: The People Demand Their Rights

Section 4: 

Chapter 7: The Irish Revolution

Chapter 8: The Struggle for Indian Independence  

Section 5: 

Chapter 9: The Chinese Civil War

Chapter 10: The Militarization of Japan

Section 6: 

Chapter 11: Cultural Changes of the 1920s

Chapter 12: 

Section 7: 

Chapter 13: The Great Depression

Chapter 14: 

Section 8: Fascism on the Rise

Chapter 15: Mussolini Invents Fascism 

Chapter 16: The Rise of Hitler

Section 9: WWII

Chapter 17: 

Chapter 18: 

Section 10: WWII

Chapter 19: 

Chapter 20: 

Section 11: WWII

Chapter 21: 

Chapter 22: 

Section 12: WWII

Chapter 23: 

Chapter 24: 

Section 13: The Birth of New Nations

Chapter 25: India

Chapter 26: Israel

Section 14: The Growth of Communism

Chapter 27: Stalin

Chapter 28: Mao

Section 15: Fascism Lives On

Chapter 29: Franco and Perón

Chapter 30: Castro

Section 16: The Red Scare

Chapter 31: The Korean War

Chapter 32: McCarthyism 

Section 17: Post War Culture

Chapter 33: 

Chapter 34: 

Section 18: Decolonization 

Chapter 35: 

Chapter 36: 

Details for Volume 3 will be announced at a later date. 

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