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Snapshots of Early Modern History Vol. 1 Table of Contents

Introduction to Early Modern History

Section 1: Elizabethan England

Chapter 1: England Picks a Religion

- Culture Corner: Holbein

Chapter 2: Elizabeth Extends Her Reach 

- Culture Corner: Shakespeare

Section 2: The Riches of Spain

Chapter 3: The Gold and Silver of the Spanish Main

- Culture Corner: Cervantes

Chapter 4: Spain Runs Out of Money 

- Culture Corner: Corsets and French fashion

Section 3: Control vs. Liberty in Eastern Europe

Chapter 5: Russia Has A Terrible Time

Chapter 6: Poland Creates the Golden Liberty 

- Culture Corner: Copernicus

Section 4: The Gunpowder Empires

Chapter 7: Esfahan Is Half the World 

     - Culture Corner: Median Emam

Chapter 8: The Taj Mahal Rises In India

Section 5: War and Peace in the East

Chapter 9: Admiral Yi Saves Korea 

Chapter 10: Tokugawa Ieyasu Brings Stability to Japan

- Culture Corner: Japanese Theater (Noh, Kabuki, and Bunraku)

Section 6: The Newest Global Empires

Chapter 11: The Dutch Run the Most Successful Company in the World

- Culture Corner: Vermeer

Chapter 12: England Starts Colonizing for God and Gold

Section 7: West Africa Reacts to Europe

Chapter 13: Ganga Zumba Builds a Kingdom

- Culture Corner: Engolo and Capoeira

Chapter 14: Queen Ana Nzinga Rejects the Portuguese

Section 8: Art and Science in Europe

Chapter 15: Europe Goes Baroque

Chapter 16: The Triumph of Reason

Section 9: The Rise and Fall of Empires

Chapter 17: Europe’s Last War of Religion

Chapter 18: Manchu Banners Fly Over China 

- Culture Corner: Qing Painting

Section 10: The Question of Kings

Chapter 19: Oliver Beheads the King 

Chapter 20: The Sun King Shines in France

- Culture Corner: Ballet​

Section 11: East Africa Forces Europe Out

Chapter 21: Fasilides Builds a Castle 

Chapter 22: Changamire Dombo Fortifies His Empire

- Culture Corner: African Hairstyles

Section 12: Natives and Colonists in North America

Chapter 23: The Pueblo Fight for Freedom

- Culture Corner: Native American Beadwork

Chapter 24: The First Nations Trade with New France

Section 13: Britain and Ireland

Chapter 25: England Has a Glorious Revolution

- Culture Corner: John Locke

Chapter 26: The Color Green Is Banned in Ireland

- Culture Corner: Isaac Newton

Section 14: The East Aims West

Chapter 27: The Ottomans’ Last Stab At Glory

Chapter 28: Peter Looks West

- Culture Corner: Peterhof

Section 15: West Africa and Slavery

Chapter 29: Osei Tutu Receives the Golden Stool

Chapter 30: The Growth of Chattel Slavery​

Section 16: The Caribbean

Chapter 31: Here There Be Pirates!

Chapter 32: Queen Nanny Defeats the British in Jamaica

- Culture Corner: Caribbean music and dance

Section 17: The First Global War

Chapter 33: How the First Global War Got Started

Chapter 34: The British Inch Into India

Section 18: Changes in America

Chapter 35: Religious Fervor In the Colonies

Chapter 36: The Three Way War for North America

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