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Join your trusty guides Mona, Ted, Arthur, and Lily as they journey through the turn of the twentieth century in this, the first of three volumes exploring modern history. In this volume you’ll see global history from 1850 to the eve of World War I, including Meiji Japan, Cuba’s war for independence, the independent Kingdom of Siam, the American Civil War, the Scramble for Africa, the creation of Germany and Italy, and more.


Along the way, we’ll see how daily life for people changed around the globe through the fall of chattel slavery, the rise of imperialism, the birth of modern art and invention, and the wars and battles fought over what it means to possess individual rights. The back-and-forth dialogue between your guides is modeled on the classical teaching style and is both engaging and allows for deeper dives into not only what happened, but also why it happened and how the events shaped the world we live in.

This book continues the use of Culture Corners, letting us not only follow big global events, but also emphasize interdisciplinary learning as we see the birth of such things as ragtime music, investigative journalism, the poetry of José Martí, manga, the Eiffel Tower, and even the Teddy bear!


Are you ready to discover modern history?


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Hardcover: Snapshots of Modern History Vol. 1