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Join Ted on a fun and silly adventure as he gets locked inside a museum at night and needs your help to get out! 


This activity is a great way to review Ancient Egypt and have some fun while you're stuck inside. This is a low-prep, low-supply activity because we want it accessible to as many people as possible without the need to go shopping. 


All you need for this escape room is internet access and a few printed pages. Even if you don't have that, you can still make this work! 

  • There are instructions for an offline version so you don't have be online to complete this.
  • There is an alternate black and white option on the color-dependent puzzle in case you're printing in black and white. 
  • The moving parts of these puzzles are simple enough that even if you don't have a printer, you could recreate the pieces by hand. The non-moving parts puzzles can be solved without printing. 


We hope you enjoy helping Ted get out of the museum! 

Ted's Egyptian Escape Room


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