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Benefits for Neurodivergent Learners

Curiosity Chronicles is designed by and for neurodivergent learners. Accommodations for neurodivergent learners are core to our approach, not afterthoughts. From audiobooks to Minecraft integration to writing modifications and more we aim to help your neurodivergent learner thrive.

Learn about some of our specific accommodations below.


All of our main texts are available as audiobooks. While everyone can enjoy the benefits of audiobooks, there are many specific benefits for neurodivergent learners. 

  • Dyslexic learners can listen instead of read. They can follow along with the text on the page while listening or examine the many maps, photographs, and paintings in the book.

  • ADHD learners can listen while engaging in another activity to help maintain focus. 

  • Demand-avoidant learners can listen at their own pace and environment to avoid the pressure of "having to do school."  


Our books are told in a dialogue format between our main characters. The conversational approach makes our books much more accessible than a traditional textbook. 

  • Ted is our questioning-asking king. Often, he's asking the question ADHD learners want to know. That means learners get the answer right away and don't have to wander off to find out. This helps keep learners focused. 

  • Mona is the queen of answering questions—and answering the question behind the question. Our books are written for autistic learners who want thorough, meaty answers to their questions instead of surface-level answers. 


Got a kid obsessed with Minecraft? We provide a Minecraft building prompt for each chapter to guide learners through building the great monuments of history. We believe in working with a child's hyperfocus to increase learning. 

Writing Accommodations 

Whether it's dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, or something else, we understand many student's struggle with writing. Many neurodivergent children's critical thinking and academic interests outstrip their writing abilities. That's why we have multiple forms of writing accommodations. 

  • Comprehension questions are listed in the Instructor's Guide as well as the student worksheets. If being presented with a worksheet is overwhelming, you can read out the questions from the Instructor's Guide and discuss their answers verbally. In the Student Guide, the instructions for comprehension questions tell students they can write or verbally answer the questions to help normalize verbal answers. 

  • Our lapbooks include prewritten answers for student's who struggle with writing. You can print the version that includes the answers so students simply have to cut out and glue in the correct answer, instead of write it. This allows students to remained focus on the content instead of get derailed with writing struggles. 

Diverse Reading Recommendations 

We have extensive supplemental book recommendations for each chapter. Rather than recommending a narrow selection of books that will work for most learners, we give you more options so you can meet your child's unique needs. 

  • Whenever possible, we recommend graphic novels to facilitate dyslexic and ADHD learners.

  • When recommending classic literature, we include graphic novel, simplified retellings, and original text versions to accommodate a wide range of readers. 

  • We recommend picture books in all our levels. 

  • We recommend more advanced reading options and information-rich texts for advanced readers and hyperfocused study. 

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