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Camel and Pyramids

About Us

Curiosity Chronicles is a secular, inclusive, world history curriculum for elementary to high school students. Our books are told in a dialogue format as Ted and Mona discuss history back-and-forth, ask questions, tell stories, and look for answers. Our unique textbook style brings history to life and teaches critical thinking skills. 

Our books are interdisciplinary, covering science, art, philosophy, culture, and more along with the traditional wars and politics of history. 

We offer a variety of products that allow you to customize your history studies to meet the needs of your unique learning situation. 

Explore our different materials and how they can be used below. 

traditional Korean Clothes

Pick Your Materials

Our main texts are packed full of valuable historical information. Full-color photographs, paintings, maps, and timelines create visual interest and a highly engaging text. If you want a simple one-and-done book for your history studies, we've got you covered! Select the main text for any level and you have everything you need for a full year of history. Our main text is available in three different formats: hardcover, softcover, and PDF. 


Add the Audiobook

Our books are told as a dialogue between our characters Mona, Ted, Arthur and Lily. Our unique dialogue format allows us to explore the complexities of history, present different perspectives, discuss competing information, breakdown difficult topics, model critical thinking, and include traditionally ignored peoples and subjects. To make the dialogue come to life, we offer an audiobook for each level voiced by professional voice actors.

The audiobook can be bundled with any main text format for just $10!


Choose Expansion Materials

Expand any main text into a complete curriculum with our Instructor and Student Activity Guides. These guides offer supplemental reading suggestions, hands-on activities, vocabulary, map work, review materials, and more. Our activity guides are easy to customize to your individual learning situation. You can do as much or as little as you would like from each book. This adaptability makes it easy to use our curriculum with students in different grades, since each child can be given their own expansion materials. 

Instructor's Activity Guide

Materials to help check comprehension and reinforce ideas from each chapter, including: 

  • Vocabulary, definitions, and pronunciations for key terms

  • Comprehension questions and answers

  • Discussion questions

  • Map work instructions

  • Timeline dates

Materials to expand your learning, including: ​

  • List of suggested expansion reading options divided by book type, such as picture books and chapter books. 

  • Cross-references to a general reading list. 

  • Modern History only: A suggested film list. 

Materials for hands-on learning, including: ​

  • Hands-on activity instructions for each chapter

  • A variety of activity types from crafts to games to recipes. Activity difficulty scales with each book, so earlier levels have more crafts while later levels have more textual analysis. 

  • Minecraft building prompts for each chapter so you can build your way through history! 

Additional materials including:

  • General reading list

  • Review materials

  • Answer key and more!​

Student's Activity Guide

A section for each chapter including: 

  • Vocabulary matching for key terms

  • Comprehension questions

  • Discussion questions

  • Map work instructions and map

  • Timeline dates to make your own timeline

  • Crosswords or word searches

  • A coloring page

  • Any consumable pages for activities from the Instructor's Guide, including lab sheets, art templates, primary source reading selections, and more. 

Review materials every few chapters to help reinforce learning. ​

Ted's Timeline Kit

Materials to create your own timeline of history, including:

  • Printable timelines for both wall and notebooks timelines. 

  • Date markers for important events


Lapbooks and interactive notebooks are hands-on student-created summary and review materials.

Complete 1–2 interactive page elements per chapter as you assemble your lapbooks.

They are perfect for portfolio reviews or any other time you need to demonstrate student learning. 

Add on a full level of lapbooks for just $10!

National Museum of Roman Art

Putting It All Together

When you're ready to purchase, we offer multiple bundle options so you can grab all you history materials for the year at once. All of our products are also available individually, so you can pick and choose the exact products you want. 

Each level of our curriculum can be purchased as one of the following complete curriculum packages: 

Print Curriculum Package

  • Hardcover of Snapshots of [chosen level] of History

  • Digital Audiobook

  • Softcover Instructor's Activity Guide

  • Softcover Student's Activity Guide

  • PDF Ted's Timeline Kit

Optional add-on Lapbook/INB Package

Mixed Format Curriculum Package

  • Softcover of Snapshots of [chosen level] of History

  • Digital Audiobook

  • PDF Instructor's Activity Guide

  • PDF Student's Activity Guide

  • PDF Ted's Timeline Kit

Optional add-on Lapbook/INB Package

Digital Curriculum Package

  • PDF of Snapshots of [chosen level] of History

  • Digital Audiobook

  • PDF Instructor's Activity Guide

  • PDF Student's Activity Guide

  • PDF Ted's Timeline Kit

Optional add-on Lapbook/INB Package

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