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This year-long lapbook/interactive notebook package includes interactive page elements for every chapter of Snapshots of Medieval History. Students can complete a short hands-on activity with each chapter to work on retention and produce a natural review book. 


These lapbooks/interactive notebooks can be a fun addition to your history study and help students take ownership of their learning!


What are Interactive Notebooks and Lapbooks? 

Interactive Notebooks and Lapbooks are two different ways to use the same interactive page elements. The goal of both interactive notebooks and lapbooks is to engage students in multiple ways by having them cut, color, paste, and write about a topic. By producing something of their very own, students can take ownership of their learning. 

Interactive notebooks and lapbooks both are natural review tools. By completing a small amount with each lesson, the student produces something that neatly summarized all their learning, making it easy to review what has already been learned. These notebooks and lapbooks are also handy for portfolio reviews or other times you need to document student learning.

Medieval History Lapbook/Interactive Notebook Package 2nd Edition

  • A second edition of Snapshots of Medieval History will be released in early 2024. This new edition is not included in this product. The new edition changes the cut-size to reduce the page count and includes an interior redesign. 

    For more information, please see our Medieval History page.