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This MEGA-BUNDLE includes ALL the books and audiobooks from our Early Modern level, both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2! This bundle includes six separate books (over 1,300 pages!) and over 16 hours of audio. 


This bundle includes the same items as purchasing the Mixed Format Curriculum Package: Early Modern History Vol. 1 AND the Mixed Format Curriculum Package: Early Modern Vol. 2. 


Early Modern History Vol. 1 and 2 covers world history from 1550 to 1850.  


In 72 chapters, Ted and Mona explore early modern history from the rise of colonialism to the Revolutions of 1848. They make stops around the globe in places like Elizabethan England, Safavid Persia, Edo Japan, Qing China, Colonial America, New France, the Ashanti Empire, the Kingdom of Hawaii, colonial Australia, the United States, the Empire of Haiti, Napoleonic Europe, Gran Colombia, the Republic of Mexico, the Zulu Empire, Afghanistan, Victorian Britain, and more. 


Along the way, Ted and Mona will see the effects of colonialism, the rise of the first mega-corporation, the scientific revolution, one revolution after another, the struggle to end slavery, the rise of factories and industrialization, the fight to create fair and just governments, and the first steps toward our modern world. 


The back-and-forth dialogue between Ted and Mona keeps this book fun and engaging and provides opportunities for students to read along. Their dialogue is modeled after the classical teaching style and encourages deep thinking and probing questions.


In these books, the overly enthusiastic, art-loving twins Arty Arthur and Literary Lily introduce Arthur and Lily’s Culture Corner. In 38 Culture Corners, Arthur and Lily highlight major writers, artists, thinkers, and art styles including William Shakespeare, the Median Emam, Johannes Vermeer, capoeira, Isaac Newton, Voltaire, Phillis Wheatley, Jacques-Louis David, Mary Shelley, Moses Mendelssohn, Martín Tovar y Tovar, Sequoya, Edgar Allan Poe, and so much more! 


Are you ready to discover early modern history? 


To see the full table of contents or read sample chapters, please visit our Snapshots of Early Modern History page.



You can read a full description of each item by clicking on the product name. 


This product includes print-on-demand books. Please allow 5-10 days for printing in addition to standard shipping time. 

Full Level Mixed Format Curriculum Package: Early Modern History Vol. 1 & 2


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