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We are moving to a new distribution model for our print products in July. We will no longer be using a print-on-demand service for our U.S. orders. This will decrease delivery time by 1 to 3 weeks.

U.S. orders placed now will not be fulfilled until our new distribution system is in place during the fourth week of July.

Because of newly announced delays from our POD service, this delay in fulfillment will still result in faster delivery of your books. 

We apologize for the delay, but look forward to faster shipping in the future!


Secular – Inclusive – Global


Learn more about one of our history levels:


Discover how human civilization began and follow its progress to the year 550 CE.


Learn more about the exciting era of medieval history covering events from 550–1550.


Dive into two volumes exploring rich cultures across the world and the origins of colonization and globalization. 


Explore how our modern world took shape in the first of three volumes covering history from 1850 on. 

With Curiosity Chronicles your child will: 

Learn to discuss complex ideas

Our books are written as a back-and-forth dialogue between our main characters, Mona and Ted. The dialogue format allows us to present alternative views and competing historical facts. It allows us to discuss the role of often underrepresented people who are ignored by narrative-heavy history. The dialogue also allows Ted and Mona to break down complex ideas piece by piece. This not only makes complex ideas accessible but it also models for students how to discuss complex ideas. 

Develop critical thinking skills

Students will learn not only what happened in history but also why those events happened. Students will learn the building blocks of human societies and how one change often leads to another. With Mona and Ted as their guides, students will learn to analyze events and apply those skills to new situations. 

Engage in hands-on learning

The learning doesn't stop when the chapter is over. Our activity guides include map work, timelines, supplemental reading, art projects, science projects, research projects, recipes, Minecraft building prompts, review activities, and more to ensure your student will be able to expand and build upon their learning in a meaningful way. We also have lapbooks and interactive notebooks for even more expanded learning. 

Make Interdisciplinary Connections

Our chapters often open the door to tangential and cross-subject learning. Is your child learning about place value in math? Our chapter about the Maya in Snapshots of Ancient History explores exactly what place value is and why it's so important. Learning about germs in science class? Our chapter on the Islamic Golden Age in Snapshots of Medieval History discusses the origins of germ theory and why it mattered. Looking for even more learning? Each chapter is followed by a "Want to know more?" box with suggested topics for further study. 

Learn Cultural History

Curiosity Chronicles takes an interdisciplinary approach to history. Your child will learn the history of art, music, science, philosophy, and more. Children won't just learn that the Renaissance happened, they'll learn its cultural and artistic significance. We take a holistic view of art and culture, covering the accomplishments of people across the world, rather than focusing only on European "fine arts." We also cover the social movements of the modern era including women's rights, civil rights, and more. 


First time homeschoolers here! Being that this is our first year, I really wanted something that was easy to understand, walked me through everything for my child, and something secular. I am loving Curiosity Chronicles so far. I do recommend just buying it all. The books, the activities, lapbooks, timleline kit, etc. I've found myself wishing I purchased something or the other and ended up buying it separately . The books are easy to understand and heck even I have learned a thing or two.
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