Join Ted and Mona in the second installment of the Snapshots of History series! In over 400 full-color pages with 10 hours of accompanying audio, they will be touring medieval history all around the world!


In 36 chapters, Ted and Mona explore medieval history from the fall of Rome to the rise of colonialism. They make stops around the globe in places like Imperial China, the Holy Roman Empire, the Aztecs Empire, the Islamic Empire, Heian Japan, the Ghana Empire, the French and English Monarchies, the Byzantine Empire, and more! 


The back-and-forth dialogue between Ted and Mona keeps this book fun and engaging, and provides opportunities for budding readers to read along. Their dialogue is modeled on the classical teaching style and encourages deep thinking and probing questions. 


In this book, Ted and Mona are joined by two new friends, the overly enthusiastic art-loving twins Arty Arthur and Literary Lily!


Are you ready to discover medieval history? 


To see the full table of contents, read sample chapters, or listen to sample audio, please visit our Snapshots of Ancient History page here:


This product is an instant download that includes a full-color PDF optimized for computer and tablet viewing as well as a PDF with instructions on how to download the audiobook. Due to the large file size, the audiobook is only available via a password-protected Dropbox folder. The included PDF contains the link and password to download the 37 individual .mp3 files from Dropbox. 

Bundle: PDF + Audiobook of Snapshots of Medieval History

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