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Snapshots of Ancient History is an elementary level history text told as a dialogue between two kids, Ted and Mona. It's a fun, new approach to history, sure to engage your child. The book contains 36 chapters focusing on Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome, plus a few more stops in other parts of the world. We hope you'll come take a tour of history with us! 


To see the full table of contents or read sample chapters, please visit our Snapshots of Ancient History page. 


The bundle includes the following digital items: 

  • PDF Snapshots of Ancient History: Read the core text on your mobile device or computer and enjoy the full-color design, handy timeline references, and many maps, photographs, and paintings. 
  • Audiobook Snapshots of Ancient History: This professionally voiced audiobook brings the characters of Mona and Ted to life making it easy for students to study independently or while on the go. 


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PDF + Audiobook Bundle: Snapshots of Ancient History

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